Week 1 
Sleep Well 
i. 7-8 hours of sleep is required based on research data for optimal performance
ii. Dark room for sleeping, Should not be able to see your hand from a foot away. 
iii. 70 degrees of room temeprature 
iv. Taper down, have a pre sleep routine i.e breathing training, shower etc. 
v. Stay away from blue light coming out of TV, Mobile devices 

Creating Personal Philosophy 
i. You already have personal philosophy, it is based on the way you make personal decisions and how to turn those decisions into actions
ii. Clarity to Conviction.  
ii. Say it in 25 words or less.  
iii. Select one word from the above. 

Week 2
What is Mindfulness ? 
To be aware of your:
 i. Thoughts
ii. Body
iii. Emotions
 iv. Surroundings 

Goal is:
Single point focus, the moment mind wanders to bring it back. 

Two pillars:
i. Single point focus, to focus on single thing at a time
ii. Contemplative mindfulness is paying attention to thoughts without judgement

Why ? 
i. Increase in concentration 
ii. Improves mood, sleep and fatigue 

How ? 
With breathing training, start with 1 min, and gradually target for 6-20 mins.  Inhale and exhale while trying to focus on the breath. 

Eat Colorful, with 5 different colors on your plate 

character and vision impact your life and career
Have a vision towards
i. Your work life 
ii. Personal life 
iii. Hobby 

Week 3
Why Stay Calm ? 
Calm is a state of mind that is essential for performance under pressure. 

I learned how to not only become calm, but to stay calm using my breath

now when I’m facing stressful situations, instead of  jumping into the “flight or fight” response, I make myself pause and breathe before responding or taking  action. That’s been a huge shift for me. It’s calming

Benifits of Controlled Breathing: 

Make Your List
Now go through the four-step process and create your own Epic Thought List in your OneNote. You’ll use it for the next activity.
What are your negative thoughts?
Are they real?
What are your positive thoughts?
What are the anchors of past successes?

Move Well 
2.5 hours of moderate activity 
2 hours of strenght training 

Mindset Skills 
Calm, Confidence, Focus, and Trust

Week 4
 i. Is a key to overcoming challanges 

ii. Focusing only on whats in your control helps you reach your potential 
To persevere and accomplish your long-term goals is necessary

Think Well
- Optimism 
- Aware of your thoughts
- Aware of inner experience 
- Control 
- Passion and perseverance for long term goals

Grit: The ability to persevere and accomplish your hard goals even when you face those impossible moments. 


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