What is Sadhana ? 
-  Work necessary to clean the mind. Word comes from the Sanskrit word saadh meaning to accomplish or to reach the goal of life
Benefits of Sadhana ? 
- It gives peace, prosperity, contentment and happiness in life
- Will power, memory, intelligence will improve
- Gain control on senses and desires, attain eternal peace and liberation from the cycle of birth and death which is the real goal of sadhana 
- Eliminate weakness of mind like doubts, suspicion, fear, sloth, lust, anger, greed and misery

Lord Krishna in Bhagavadgita says: Four type of men worship me:
 - Sufferer: Seek blessings to overcome pain, diseases   
- Seeker of Worldly objects: For materialistic gains, wealth, power
- Seeker of Knowledge:  Worship for liberation from bondage 
- Man of wisdom: These kind worship purely for love of God

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